As you all know, this is my very first trip to Europe. I was really surprised with some things over here I’m seeing the very first time in my life. And when I keep looking, I notice more and more surprising things. He. He. He.

I also compare everything here in Germany with Sri Lanka of course. That might sound stupid, yeah I know, but it is just happening automatically. So when I was dreaming one evening, I just got one little idea.

Just to make a little move and make a use out of this world. And Germany is a very differnt world for me. When I see the speed and need of consuming in this highly developed country, the amount of waste that accumulates on a daily basis, I can´t help it to get the crazy thought to tell this people to stop it.

But then I think, every one has the right to do what they want to. So then I was thinking how can I use this want for something good. It was difficult to me to accept that people over here have other problems then we in Sri Lanka. I would call it selfish and artificially problems. We have basic problems like drinking water, education or a very low income that is not even enough for a healthy diet.

One day I saw a letter from a sponsored child in mexico that send New Year wishes to the sponsor-family in Germany. I love the idea and I too want to make this possible for the kids in our village. There are enough families living in poverty and kids, that can´t even have a chance in this society. I have started a small english class in the village and I would love to do more. With this concept I see a very good way to give more chances to them.

I will start a website and introduce the people in need. Only for our village and if YOU have any possibility to hold their hand – here they are. I will provide the direct contacts to these people and like to help with translations or organising something. But basically I will give my opinion about who is mostly in need and then you can decide and ask all details from me. I live in this village and I know the situation. If you like you can visit our village anytime and take a look and you are welcome at our place too.

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