8 thoughts on “Grüne Smoothies

  1. Hey! As an old band nerd, over here at the Right of the Line, with The Colors…Anyway, one of my housemates has preserved his old rose-and-dagger collar badge from the Army. Not only that, but he later worked for An Agency. I will take my oath before the Throne of God that he is even weirder than I am. He also has _lots_ of cool books. Yay!WV: clues. Yes, somebody should have noticed the clues, there.

  2. Fantastisk smuk kjole – er den ny? Jeg sÃ¥ den nemlig ikke sidst, jeg sneg mig ind i En butik med Day for at samle lidt inspiration til festkjoler…, hvilket mÃ¥ske er meget godt, da jeg ellers ville være yderst fristet til at købe den 🙂

  3. The original Christians were all Jews. I have always thought that Christians should see themselves that way. Muslims have always been resentful of Christians for not accepting their new religion as a natural extension and sensible clarification of their own. Christians feel the same way toward Jews. For the most part, however, it’s just ethnic solidarity. No matter what people say they do or believe, they always eat at separate lunch tables.

  4. Nem szempont a videó. 8 gigás kártyára 20 perc videó fér rá, szerintem emiatt nem éri meg a drágább gépet választani, egyre inkább hajlok a 450 felé. Igen, egy 50-es obit én is kinéztem már mellé :)Mi a véleményed, használtan merjek vázat venni?

  5. qnd sono andata a vedere twilight..non vi dico che casino di applausi e strani rumori equivocabili da parte delle ragazze qnd entrava in scena edward..madonna..apparte che il film mi faceva addormentare, ma sicuramente sarei stata piu felice se le ragazze dietro di me e intorno a me..non avessero detto per tutto il film a voce leggermente (!!!) alta” quanto è fico..qnt è bello..dioooo”..

  6. Hi MaryI love avocado's,and this recipe is so easy!I have never heard of Tyler Florence before,I'll have to take a look.I enjoy coping so many of your recipes,they have all turned out great!I just tried you cream cheese cake you had a few weeks ago for my daughters baby shower…every one loved it.Thanks for your visit today:)Gracie

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